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In all matters please contact Federation of Polish Patients: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





* Protecting patients' rights and representing their interests to the authorities, state administration and local government and other bodies, institutions and entities,

* * Support for operating environments and activation of the patient, and the operation of integrating different groups and patient organizations,

* Actions to change the position of the patient's health care system so that it became his subject and a partner in the process of medical therapy,

* Supporting scientific, technical and educational activities as well as health and social welfare and charity,

* Provision of information addressed to the Parliament, Government and Local Government on the basic problems of patients and health care system in Poland,

* The presentation of opinions on the laws and policies regarding the place of your patient's health care system,

* Cooperation with Polish and foreign organizations, patients,

* Develop regular contacts and exchange of information between members of the Federation,

* Partnered with organizations providing services to patients.